At Grants Gym, we carry a range of fantastic training supplements.  From muscle building protein shake mixes and bars to high potency fat burners.  Our expert staff will always be happy to give you any advice you need if you're looking to start using supplements or thinking about swapping out your existing products for something more effective.  Bishop Auckland and Darlington are always stocked or alternatively you can pop down to our store in Catterick where we have a more comprehensive range and you can enjoy an ice-cold protein shake while you're at it.


ISO2 Nutrition

Iso2 Nutrition is designed, developed, tested and made in-house to ISO 9001 exacting standards. This unconditional commitment and effort results in nothing less than sports nutrition perfection.

  Name Description Price
CLA Advanced (180 Caps)

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) inhibits the body's mechanism for storing fat, and encourages the body to burn stored fat for energy, thereby preserving muscle tissue.

Complete Burn

Complete Burn is unlike any other fat burner on the market.

Complete ZMA

Complete ZMA is a unique non-steroidal, all-natural anabolic support complex.

Time Released - SR

COMPLETE PROTEIN SR is a 5 stage Sustained Released protein matrix. Consisting of the most highly Bioactive protein sources available

Complete Pro-Gainer

ISO 2 Weight Gainer has been specifically designed to provide athletes with good quality low glycaemic index (GI) carbohydrates

All In One System

The most advanced formula containing key ingredients to help you achieve strength, size and recovery from your training regime