At Grants Gym, we carry a range of fantastic training supplements.  From muscle building protein shake mixes and bars to high potency fat burners.  Our expert staff will always be happy to give you any advice you need if you're looking to start using supplements or thinking about swapping out your existing products for something more effective.  Bishop Auckland and Darlington are always stocked or alternatively you can pop down to our store in Catterick where we have a more comprehensive range and you can enjoy an ice-cold protein shake while you're at it.


NRG Fuel

NRG Fuel is one of the countries leading bodybuilding, weight loss and diet supplement suppliers. We stock quality protein, creatine, TTP and lots more.

  Name Description Price
T.T.P Anabolic

NRGFUELL TTP Anabolic is regarded as the most innovative all in one protein powder on the sports supplement market.

Anabolic Mass Gain

NRG Fuel Mass Gain formula has been scientifically formulated not only to just put on weight, but put on quality weight as in the form of muscle not fat

OMG Breakfast 1.65KG

NRGFUEL O.M.G! Breakfast is an excellent source of low Glycemic Index (low GI) carbohydrates.

ThermoFuel 180 Caps

NRGFUEL have developed probably the most powerful and most effective weapon in the fight for weight loss and definition

BCAA & Glutamine

NRGFUEL'S Glutamine and BCAA powder has been scientifically formulated to promote full muscle recovery, growth and repair whilst preventing muscle breakdown


For added recovery try taking NRGFUEL HY-DR8 after any strenuous exercise

Creatine Monohydrate

NRGFUEL's Creatine Monohydrate Powder will enable your bodies ability to maximize the formation of ATP which will enable peak performance, delay fatigue and increase recovery times.


During intense exercise and times of stress, Glutamine levels are greatly depleted, this is turn results in decreases in strength, stamina and recovery.