At Grants Gym, we carry a range of fantastic training supplements.  From muscle building protein shake mixes and bars to high potency fat burners.  Our expert staff will always be happy to give you any advice you need if you're looking to start using supplements or thinking about swapping out your existing products for something more effective.  Bishop Auckland and Darlington are always stocked or alternatively you can pop down to our store in Catterick where we have a more comprehensive range and you can enjoy an ice-cold protein shake while you're at it.


Black Labz

Black Labz have been taking the training scene by storm as the producers of the worlds most powerful pro-hormone and the strongest, most effective fat burners on the market.

  Name Description Price
Oxy Black

Oxy-Black is a combination of 4 proven potent pro hormonal compounds that will increase your mass, strength, and appetite.

£ 39.99
Oxy Lean

Oxy-Lean 1-3D is easily the most powerful fat loss capsule you have ever craved.

£ 29.99